16 days after mating sugar gliders  birth up to 4 joeys at a time. 1-2 being most common, 3-4 being rare. When a joey is born, its similar to a rodent baby. Joeys are born pink, naked(no fur), blind, and deaf(ears are fused to the head). Little pinhead sized black eyes are visible at this time. The mother will lick a path leading to the pouch so the baby can crawl in it. The fur is wet and licked down because the joey is sticky and will get caught and stuck in the dry fur where it will get cold, dry, no food and die.  The mother will, of course, try to lick it out if it gets stuck but that makes it worse. (I had this happen to me but thankfully my glider birthed them in my hands so I could help 'untangle' the joey and scoot it into pouch. She's a sweet, healthy joey now.) All they are capable of is crawling (barely tho their legs are like nubs). They're born live at the size of an uncooked rice and crawl into pouch; the whole process takes about 5 minutes for them to be completely in pouch and attached to a nipple. There they remain for another 2 months before they are developed enough to come out. Also, mamma is gonna need more protein, now is a good time to start feeding more. 

The tail should be as long as the joey by now and have toes have little nails on them. The eyes should be pretty large and have a layer of skin over them. Ears are still fused. The joey will look like a peanut from outside the pouch. The head and back give it that peanut shape. Inside the pouch, the joey should be large enough now that its insides can be seen fairly well through the transparent skin. Now is the best time to just sit wight the female on her back and watch the joey move around, provides hours of entertainment. May even get lucky enough to see a foot or tail tip pop out of the pouch occasionly.
Joeys 60-63 days in pouch/ Out Of Pouch(OOP):

Joeys 40-50 days in pouch:

Newborn Joeys The trip into the pouch:

The joey should be coming OOP around this time. The jaw is developed enough where it can detach and get back on to eat. It can take up to a week for a joey to come fully out- meaning it's too big to fit back into the pouch. There will be butts, tails, feet and everything hanging out of pouch. After a few days to a week the joey will be out of pouch and clinging to its momma. It sticks its head into the pouch to nurse instead of the whole body being in there. When it come OOP it should have a very fine layer of fur on it, the underside is all pink still, no fur. Ears are just starting to 'pop' out and with mine I've noticed that around 3-5 days after being fully OOP they start hearing. The eyes are still closed but have enough skin over them now so it doesn't look like a big black dot anymore. Since the female has two uteri and three vagina's it is possible for joeys to come OOP 2 days apart to 2 weeks apart. Don't panic and think one is 'ahead' of the other. This is completely normal. Joeys start making little 'fussing' noises about now, if the mother leaves the joey in the nest and the father happens to be out too, when the joey cries they will come running to it's aid. They make excellent parents. It's possible right now to be able to tell what sex the joey is. Handling is encouraged at this time, but start out slowly. Start at 2-3 minutes and work up to 5 a day, then 10 and so on.

Longevity          12-15 years
Litter size          2  (81%)
Birth weight          0.2 grams
Puberty          7 -10 months
Estrus Cycle          29 days
Dentition          Diprotodont
Weaning          110 - 120 days
Respiratory rate          16-40 breaths/min
Heart rate          200 - 300 beats/min
Body Temperature          97.3 degrees F
Thermoneutral Zone          75-88 degrees F
Gestation period          15 - 17 days
Pouch emergence          70 - 74 days
Food Consumption          15 - 20% BWt
Adult Male body weight          115-160 grams (3-6 oz)
Adult Female body weight          95-135 grams (3-5 oz)