Black Faced Sugar Gliders

Black Face Black Beauties, (commonly called BFBB in the Sugar Glider community), have an overall "black Face". They lack eye rings around the eyes, and only the nose band is visible. The lack of the eye ring is what gives off the "black face" look. The whole face may appear dark or the area around the eyes very light in contrast to a very dark face.
The first black face discovered is named Newt Nightnoodles. His parents are Moonbeam & Silverfox. Newt has three other BFBB siblings, Qiang, Lan & Yingming. Qiang resides and is breeding at Desert Sugar Gliders. In order to display the BFBB Phoenotypically (the color they look Physically), a glider needs only one allele from one parent. Considering that, breeding BFBB X BFBB can result in a melanistic glider, if the joey inherits two BFBB alleles. Melanism (derived from Greek: "Black Pigment") is a development of the dark-colored pigment melanin in the skin or its appendages and is the opposite of albinism.
Many melanistic babies have died before weaning (approx. 8 weeks old). Most have very thin tails and then the coat. The cause is unknown. Because of infant morality and an unhealthily look, it is unwise to breed BFBB to BFBB. They should be out bred 6-8 generations. After being bred out with new blood it is thought that they can then be safely bred back to a BFBB who is also bred out multiple generations.
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