Greater Glider

Greater Gliders are found in the east coast of Australia. They are the largest species in the Pseudocheiridae family, and the only ones who don't have a prehensile tail, despite being proportionally long. They are about the size of a domestic cat, weighing 3-5 pounds as adults. The head and body length is 11-18 inches and the tail is 17-28 inches long. Great Gliders have large furry ears, and the pataguim (gliding membrane) extends from the knee to the elbow, that still allows them to stay up in the air, but they show an awkward struggle when on the ground. They have more varied coloration than any other marsupial, with very long, dense fur that ranges from pure black to dusky browns, grays, yellow and almost white colors.
Greater Gliders live in tall woodlands and eucalyptus forests, being adapted to feed almost exclusively on their leaves. They usually need large patches of tall forests, preferring older forest with large number of hollows, and a single glider may maintain up to 20 tree-trunk dens at a time within its territory. This results in them being very sensitive to the fragmentation of their habitat due to logging or other forestry practices.
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