Piebald Sugar Gliders

Piebalds are mosaic sugar gliders that have an unusual patch (or Patches) of fur on their body. These patches are usually expressed as classic coloration on a mosaic sugar glider. These are in direct contrast to the mosaic coloring of the sugar glider, and are can be large or very small. The spots are pigmented in shades of black or gray as determined by the genotype controlling the color of the animal. The animal's skin underneath its coat may or may not be pigmented under the spots but the skin in white background is not pigmented.
Location of the pigmented spots is dependent on the migration of Melon oblast (primordial pigment cells) from neural crest to paired bilateral locations in the skin of the early embryo. The resulting pattern appears symmetrical only if Melan oblast migrate to both locations of a pair and proliferate to the same degree in both locations.
Piebald-ism in Sugar Glider is quite rare. Most Piebald's have smaller spots or less distinctive markings. A "Wow" piebald, is a sugar glider with extremely distinctive large patches of normal classic coloring in direct contrast to white fur. These are extremely rare and seeing one in person makes you go "wow".
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