They no longer import Sugar Gliders into the United States. FALSE: You must have an import license to import them. You can contact any local zoo to see if they can import animals for you, (very expensive).

Yogurt treats are ok to feed sugar gliders. FALSE: No milk products are ok to feed a glider. They are lactose tolerant, especially to goat and cows milk, completely different levels of glucose and galactose. It will shorten their lives in half. BEWARE; of whose advice you take regarding what to feed your glider. If they sell food products, I probably wouldn't take their advice, you know they have an underline agenda to sell their food diet.

You must register your glider in a pedigree program. FALSE: This is a tactic for breeders to make sure you buy from them. They will do everything they can to get you to return to them for another purchase.

I live California, I was told I can own a sugar glider. FALSE: Alaska, California, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts they are illegal. Contact the local Fish, Game & Wildlife Officer to hear the punishment for owning a sugar glider in those states. Everywhere else they are legal, some states have laws about breeding and selling them. Contact your local USDA office get the real answers. BEWARE; who you get your advice from, breeders don't want the completion, retail stores want to make them scarce so they can drive the prices higher.

Sugar glider rescues really have the interest of the animal as a first priority? FALSE: 98% of the rescues feed the wrong food, they do it to cut cost. BEWARE of rescues that charge you money for a glider, they are nothing but a glider broker, getting paid per creature. Sad. It's legal and most people never see behind the curtain. As a Zoologist, I've inspected over 200 rescue facilities, in over 30 years, only 7 were feeding the proper food, every facility blamed it on cost.

I have to have a USDA breeders license in order to breed sugar gliders. FALSE:Most states do not require you to have a license, if you sell them directly to the customer, face-to-face. I know in states like Texas and Florida you need a license no matter what, they have over bred and abused the breeding system. Call them directly   1-844-820-2234      M-F      8:30-5:00pm EST

My sugar glider won't bond with me, I need a bonding pouch. FALSE: Sugar gliders either like hands or they don't. Wear gloves until your glider gets used to hands and fingers. Bonding pouches are nothing but bling, they will not bond to you through a window in a pouch.

I heard you can't breed father/daughter or mother/son.   FALSE:    ***click here, gonna need more room than this***

I need to make up a special, diet, and then freeze it in ice cubes trays. FALSE: Sugar gliders don't like ice cubes, in the wild they never experience ice or cold treats.

I can purchase just one glider and it'll be happy. FALSE: Gliders are a colony creature, living by itself is cruel. It would be like sticking a toddler in solitary confinement. It'll survive but not happy or very sane.

Here are some crazy pure FALSE facts about Sugar Gliders;

  • Sugar Gliders don't bite.
  • Sugar Gliders need a heat rock.
  • Sugar Gliders can/will bond successfully with your other pets.
  • Sugar Gliders don't need a vet.
  • Sugar Gliders can live on pellets only.
  • Sugar Gliders are easy to care for.
  • Sugar Gliders are part of the rodent family.
  • Sugar Gliders are the perfect poct pet.
  • That you only need one Sugar Glider.
  • That breeding Sugar Gliders is easy.
  • You can train Sugar Gliders not to pee and poop on you.
  • That leashes are okay to use on Sugar Gliders.
  • Bonding with a Sugar Glider is easy.
  • Feeding Sugar Gliders canned cat food is okay.
  • Sugar Gliders don't need protien.
  • Protien will make Sugar Gliders stink.
  • Small cages are okay for Sugar Gliders.
  • Sugar Gliders pee smells like maple syrup.
  • You don't need a cage, just a zippered pouch at night.
  • If you spend enough time with your Sugar Glider, it won't need a friend.
  • Bonding with joeys is easier then with adults.
  • They are never noisy, great for apartments or dorms.
  • Squishing a Sugar Glider makes them calm down and feel secure.
  • It's god to pull joeys from their parents early to form a special bond.
  • Sugar Gliders don't have a noticeable smell at all.
  • Dogs and cats will not bother your Sugar Glider because they don't smell like rodents.
  • Only buy from USDA Certified Breeders or Companies.
  • Shipping Sugar Gliders is stressfull and can kill them.
  • Feeding Sugar Glider live birds(finches) will kill them.
  • Feeding Sugar Gliders meal worms will make them stink.