The Perfect Cage

This is at the preference of the owner. I personally like for our Sugar glider to live in the close to perfect environment. All natural we like to say. This what WE recommend for the 'Perfect Cage.'

NEVER FLEECE! Fleece, unfortunately absorbs and collects urine. We like our cages to be without smell, if at all possible. At the same time staying as close to natural as possible.

Sugar Gliders are not ground creatures. They are canopy creatures, therefore they like everything hung from the top of their cage. 

We have a glass candle stick, turned upside down to provide nectar.

Our cages have a hollowed-out coconut for their sleeping quarters. One coconut can house 3 adult gliders and 3 joeys. 

We have 2 Pet water bottles. One for distilled water and the other for Gatorade.

We have a 'Raptor' wheel in every cage. Yes, they are large, in the wild a Sugar glider will travel over 6 miles every night in search for food. Raptor wheels are designed for gliders, they are designed without a center barrier that prevents them from jumping. We sell them on this site, we make all of them by hand, in America.  

We have Johnson grass at the bottom of the cage. It absorbs all the urine and caputes all the urine smell. In our cages we put at least 12 inches of Johnson grass at the bottom of the cage. We purchase it buy the bale, if purchased in a big chain pet store, they sell it in bags, the grass is cut into 4 inches lengths. Four inch grass will layer, instead of producing an area to play and make tunnels in. 

This is the perfect glider cage. It's tall and plenty of room to expand a colony. Here's a place that sells them for $80. very affordable. 

This cage is "Top of the Line," This cage isn't for the faint of heart. If you want only the best, here it is, period. Price tag is $369.00 worth every dollar. It's a massive cage. Again, top of the line.