Is it OK to only have one sugar glider?

A: A single sugar glider in a cage is a miserable creature, and he may get so depressed he dies. While you are able to buy a single sugar glider from us, we do highly recommend that you buy two or more if you don't already have one at home. Sugar gliders are very social animals, and truly thrive when they have another glider with them. Sugar gliders will not die from ACTUAL loneliness. A lonely sugar glider deprived of social interaction WILL NOT thrive. They will become depressed and lonely, which can cause them to die. Lonely sugar gliders will become untamable and start to self mutate themselves. A lonely sugar glider may not bond with you until he has a mate.  Sugar gliders will chew off their own tails, which will not grow back. They will start to chew off their own fingers, then they will eventually die. It's really no joke, they need the companion of a mate. They sleep in a tight ball hugging each other. I personally like to call them spooners. 

Having just one sugar glider is like putting a 4 year old child in solitary confinement. Will the child survive? Yes, but the child won't be very sane after a short time. It's just cruel to the glider. I have been told by uneducated glider owners, that they spend all their time with their glider, so they aren't lonely. Not true, you can not replace another sugar glider. 

Owning just 1 Sugar Glider

One of the best toys for a sugar glider is another sugar glider. Two or more gliders will race around their cage in games of tag, hide-and-seek, and follow the leader. They will spend a lot of time in joint play and then snuggle together in their nest for a nap. They will groom each other, "talk" to each other, and keep each other occupied whenever you aren't available to interact with them. Their need for company is as comprehensive as their need for food.

So, in the end, if you own just one sugar glider, you are a horrible person. If this article doesn't change your mind about having just one, maybe you should reconsider being a sugar glider owner.