Kevin Davis is foremost an "animal person." He has been keeping and raising animals his entire life. He has extensive experience caring for fish, herps, birds, and mammals, and he has shared his life with many small mammal pocket pets. Believing that knowledge is the key to forging a bond of friendship with our pets, he has dedicated his professional life to educating people on how to understand and care for their companion animals. He has written dozens of professional animal care books." - Maria Poyadina

Kevin Davis

I am a husband, father and a teacher of animal behavior. I have been married to the same woman for over 22 years. She has given me 6 wonderful children. All of whom are great children., also, I have been blessed with 2 grand children, I really like the little people.
When I recieved my Masters degree from UC Davis in 1988, I did my dissertation on Sugar Gliders. Parts of it is still used today, in some zoo's, as a guideline in Sugar Glider care. 
I have been a practiciing zooloist for over 30 years. Currently working as a supervisor at several animal habitates, while still working for several collectors in the Las Vegas area. My love for animals, and the way we treat them, are a prority in my life. I like to teach people about caring for animals, an about the truth behind the animals. I have worked side by side with some very famous zooloist. I was on Steve Irwin ranch in 1998 educating his staff about sugar gliders. In 2010, I updated the entire San Diego Zoo's mammals department on aniaml behavior in a captured enviroment. 
I am also a collector of several animals, sugar gliders, giant sugar gliders and lemors. I have also collected black bears and African herps.